Enrollment & Waiver

Required Health Insurance

You are required to enroll in student health insurance if:

You are an undergraduate student taking six credit hours or more on the main campus.


You are a graduate student taking six credit hours or more.

Please note: Appalachian State University is nine hours, UNC-Charlotte is three hours and UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State University and UNC-Wilmington are one credit hour.


You are eligible to pay the student health fee.


You are seeking a degree or diploma (not a certificate).

If you already have health insurance, you need to request a waiver.

Next Steps

Once you click Go to Enrollment or Waiver, you are just two steps away from completing the process.

  1. Register to create an account using your unique student ID.
  2. Log in to complete either the enrollment or waiver form.

If you have questions, please contact Student BlueSM at 1-888-351-8283.

Go to Enrollment or Waiver

Summer Coverage

Are you a new degree-seeking student for Summer term 2014 that would like to enroll in coverage prior to 8/1/14? Please contact Student Blue for eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures. Summer coverage is based on the monthly Voluntary rate (see the Brochure below for rate information).

Student Blue Brochure

Not Required to Enroll but Still Want Insurance?

If you can answer yes to one of the following questions, you may still be able to enroll in Student Blue.

  • Are you an undergraduate taking fewer than six credit hours on the main campus?
  • Are you a graduate student taking fewer than six credit hours? Please note: Appalachian State University is fewer than nine hours and UNC-Charlotte is fewer than three hours.

If you believe you are eligible and wish to apply, contact Student Blue at 1-888-351-8283 prior to the 9/10/2014 deadline and ask about the Student Blue Voluntary Plan.