Beginning April 1, 2012, BCBSNC will partner with Prime Therapeutics for pharmacy benefits management.

It's a change that means great customer service and great value for your prescription drugs.

A Smooth Transition

For many of you, the move to Prime will take place without interruption. You’ll have the same benefits experience you had before April 1.

  • The pharmacy network will stay virtually the same (more than 99% of the pharmacies currently in our network have agreed to participate with Prime).
  • What you've paid toward your member or family deductible carries forward automatically.
  • You can still go to for your benefit information, including the Find a Drug search.

An Easy Change

What does the change mean for members?

  • Updated member ID cards will arrive in the mail in March, before the April 1 effective date.
  • PrimeMail replaces Medco®1 as the mail-service pharmacy, offering excellent service and savings, with easy ordering online, over the phone or through the mail. PrimeMail Customer Service and Pharmacy Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A new refill reminder service from PrimeMail replaces Medco's "Worry-free Fills" service.
  • Forms at Your Fingertips

    With the move to Prime, we have forms for you and your physician to use when ordering prescription medications through the new PrimeMail service:

    Learn More

    Make the transition work for you. Learn more about the switch to Prime, start taking advantage of the new features, and get answers to common questions about Prime, mail-service prescriptions and who to contact for help.

Treatment decisions are always between you and your provider. Coverage is always subject to the exclusions and limitations noted in your benefit plan booklet. See your benefit booklet for details.

If you have a prescription for a controlled drug, federal law prohibits transferring your prescription. If you have a prescription for a compound drug, PrimeMail requires a new prescription due to the complex ingredients required to complete the compound. In either case, PrimeMail will work with you and your provider to obtain a new prescription.

PrimeMail is a registered trademark of Prime Therapeutics, LLC. Prime Therapeutics is an independent company providing pharmacy benefit management services for certain Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina members.

® Mark of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ®1 Mark of Medco Health Solutions, Inc.