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It’s important to find—and get—the best quality healthcare you can afford. And since many health plans require you to pay some of your medical care, it’s important to know what you are paying for.

The Health Cost Estimator makes it easy to look up costs for:

  • Doctor’s office visits and fees
  • Surgical/nonsurgical procedures
  • Hospital and clinic fees

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We've created a search just for you. Simply log in to Blue Connect and go to HealthNAV to see costs for services based on your health plan.


The tool provides cost estimates that are averages based on BCBSNC claims data over a 12-month period. Amounts listed include the total cost of the procedure, typically including physician fees, facility fees and costs for things like anesthesia, drugs, and medical supplies. Health care providers often bill separately for these items. Costs that customers pay, like deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance are also included in this average. Your actual costs may be different based on variations in these factors as well as your health plan design, deductibles/co-insurance and out-of-pocket limits.
Anyone can use this tool to estimate how much they could potentially pay for more than 1,200 non-emergency medical procedures. The tool will provide average cost information across hospitals and other providers based on BCBSNC's most popular health plan, Blue Advantage, and our narrow network plan, Blue Value. You can use this tool to help compare different networks before buying a plan. It can also alert you to significant differences in the cost of a procedure so you can ask questions before deciding where to receive care.
No. The cost estimates you see are averages based on 12 months of claims data. The cost you pay will be determined by the services required to treat your specific health care needs AND by the structure of your personal health plan. To get the best estimate of what you might pay out-of-pocket, you should contact your health insurer. BCBSNC customers should use HealthNAV, which can more precisely estimate their out-of-pocket costs based on their health plan. HealthNAV also includes information about provider quality.
The cost estimate for a specific health care provider is the average amount based on claims for BCBSNC customers who received that procedure from that provider. If the provider performs the procedure at more than one facility, you may see separate entries for each facility.
The cost estimate for a specific facility is the average amount based on claims for BCBSNC customers who received that procedure at that facility. If more than one provider performs the procedure at that facility, the estimate averages the professional fees for those different providers.
These are BCBSNC products. Blue Advantage is an individual product that offers a very broad network of doctors and hospitals. Blue Options is an employer-based product that offers the same broad network as Blue Advantage, therefore estimated costs are the same. Blue Value is our more limited network and is only available in certain areas of the state.
Keep in mind that this data comes from a 12-month average of claims. That means that variations in practice patterns or billing habits can affect the way costs are displayed in the tool. For example, a physician who routinely performs more complicated procedures or treats sicker patients, or who performs services at a higher cost facility, may reflect higher costs. Also, there may be different – and equally legitimate – ways of billing for a procedure that might result in one physician's cost appearing to be much lower than another's. That's why it's important to use this information as one data point in an overall conversation between doctor and patient.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The information provided in this tool is FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The estimates listed are averages and your actual costs may be different based on factors such as your health plan design, deductibles/co-insurance and out-of-pocket limits.

Please note that many providers practice at multiple locations, and your costs can vary based on the location where you receive service. We cannot guarantee that a provider listed in this tool at the time of your search will be in network at the time you receive service. This is because we regularly add providers to our network – and occasionally providers decide to leave our network.

For questions about how much you will actually pay for a health care service, please contact your insurer. If you are currently a BCBSNC member, please log-in to Blue Connect and use our cost estimator tool for members, which will provide a more customized estimate based on your actual benefits.