Protect your account information.

There have been recent scams that encourage Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina members to disclose sensitive personal information. Though the specifics of the scams differ, the common approach is to ask members to submit personal information through a link or via a toll-free number.

BCBSNC takes these scams seriously. An important part of our response is to offer our members some tips to help identify suspicious requests for your information.

If you receive a phone call or email from someone claiming to represent BCBSNC, please remember the following tips:

  • BCBSNC is required by law to protect this information, which is already part of our records. If there is a request for any of your Personal Health Information, you should never provide what is being requested.
  • Only enter your account information via BCBSNC's secure website. Do not enter your BCBSNC account information into any other website.
  • If you receive a call or message from someone claiming to represent BCBSNC, do not provide anything. Call the number on your member ID card to verify any such request.
  • If you are ever uncertain about a communication you have received, you can always call us at the number listed on your member ID card to verify that a request is legitimate.

BCBSNC is committed to protecting its membersí information. Learn more about our privacy policy.