Health Plan Information

Blue ConnectSM
Check claims and benefits, and take charge of your health and wellness, with Blue Connect.




Additional Services

Case Management
Learn more about how our case managers can help lighten the heavy load of complex health conditions.

Health Line Blue (pdf)
Call our 24-hour nurse line whenever you need advice.

Blue 365*
The perks of being a BCBSNC member.

Healthy Outcomes Maternity Program (pdf)
Get support and information to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Resources for Living
Get confidential access to assistance and resources for healthier living and work-life balance.

Health Assessment

    The Vitality Group
    Delhaize is partnering with a new vendor, The Vitality Group. The Health Assessment, available through Vitality, is a free confidential tool to help you get better acquainted with your health. Visit today to access the health assessment.**

Disease Management
Learn more information about the disease management programs.


Find a Primary Care Provider
Select your state from the list below to see a list of primary care providers in your area.

Find a Doctor or Hospital

Best Doctors
Best Doctors is a free and confidential second opinion service that gives you and your dependents expert advice on your medical diagnosis and treatment. They can also help you Find a Best Doctor near you, and provide all of your medical records on a secure flash drive to help you be more proactive with your health. To get started visit

Castlight Health
An educational tool to help you find high quality physicians/facilities at cost effective prices and provide you with important information regarding your plan, medical conditions and procedures.

Find a Pharmacy
You'll need your member ID number, Rx group number and your date of birth to access this service.

Prior Authorization/Prior Plan Approval
Forms for prior approval/certification for certain medical services.
     When Do I Need Prior Authorization? (pdf)


How do I read my Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

Learn how to read these claims-related documents.

What if my doctor orders a test or screening that requires lab work?

Here's what you need to know if your doctor orders a test or screening that requires lab work, such as testing your blood to check your cholesterol or blood-sugar levels:

  • Where your doctor has the sample tested can determine how much the test will cost - and determine what you will pay out of pocket. Find out if your doctor has the equipment in their office to process the lab work. It could save you money versus having the lab work sent to an outside lab for processing.
  • When your doctor requests lab work, ask where your sample will be processed. Hospital lab and reference lab services are often more expensive. Ask your doctor if you have a choice as to where your lab work will be sent for analysis. You may find a less expensive option.
  • You can find a local laboratory through Find a Doctor or Hospital. Be sure to select US Search → Other Health Services/Facilities → Laboratory and enter your ZIP Code.
What if the primary care physician (PCP) information on the back of my ID card is not correct or needs to be changed?

Your Primary Care Physician's (PCP) name is printed on the back of your ID card. The first letter of the doctor's first name and the last name appears on the back of the card in the bottom left area. If the information is not correct or you need to change your PCP, please call the Delhaize America Associate Service Center at 1-866-789-4748.

* Some programs referenced on this page may not apply depending on your individual eligibility and health care benefit options. Consult your Member Guide for more information about eligibility and full details about your health care benefit options.

** The Health Assessment is not available to complete until January 1st, members will have until March 31st to complete in order to receive the premium credit.