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Medical Policy Updates

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Notification of Policy Revisions Effective April 29, 2014 (Posted February 25, 2014)

Medical Policy Revision
Analysis of MGMT Promoter Methylation in Malignant Gliomas "Notification" New policy. "MGMT promoter methylation testing for prognostic value or as a predictive biomarker for response to treatment with alkylating agents is considered investigational." Senior Medical Director review 2/8/2014. Notification given 2/25/2014. Policy effective 4/29/2014.
Electrical Bone Growth Stimulation "Notification" Description section updated. Policy Guidelines and References updated. Use of electrical bone growth stimulation for stress fractures and arthrodesis added to "When not Covered" section. "When Covered" section updated to include the following criterion: "The patient can be adequately immobilized and is of an age likely to comply with non-weight bearing for fractures of the pelvis and lower extremities." Medical Director review 2/2014. Policy noticed on 2/25/14 for effective date 4/29/14.
Genetic Testing for Dilated Cardiomyopathy "Notification" New policy implemented. Genetic testing for dilated cardiomyopathy is considered investigational in all situations. Medical Director review 2/25/14. Policy noticed 2/25/14 for effective date 4/29/14.