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Notification of Policy Revisions Effective April 1, 2014 (Posted January 28, 2014)

Medical Policy Revision
Genetic Testing for Cardiac Ion Channelopathies "Notification" Policy re-titled from "Genetic Testing for Long QT Syndrome" to "Genetic Testing for Cardiac Ion Channelopathies". Description section and Policy Guidelines section extensively revised. Added the following criteria to the "When Covered" section: "Genetic testing for CPVT may be considered medically necessary for patients who do not meet the clinical criteria for CPVT but who have: a close relative (i.e. first-, second-, or third-degree relative) with a known CPVT mutation; or a close relative diagnosed with CPVT by clinical means whose genetic status is unavailable; or signs and/or symptoms indicating a moderate-to-high pretest probability of CPVT. Added the following statements to the "When not Covered" section: "Genetic testing for Brugada syndrome is considered investigational. Genetic testing for short QT syndrome is considered investigational." References updated. Medical Director review 1/2014. Policy noticed on 1/28/2014 for effective date 4/1/2014.
Genetic Testing for Epilepsy "Notification" New policy. Genetic testing for epilepsy is considered investigational. Senior Medical Director review 1/13/2014. Notification given 1/28/2014. Policy effective 4/1/2014.