Medical Policy Updates

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Notification of Policy Revisions Effective December 10, 2013 (Posted October 1, 2013)

Medical Policy Revision
Genetic Testing for Hereditary Pancreatitis "Notification" New policy developed. Genetic testing for hereditary pancreatitis is considered investigational. Medical Director review 9/2013. Notice given 10/1/13 for effective date December 10, 2013.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Pressurization "Notification" Added the following indications as investigational to the When Not Covered section: "Bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw, motor dysfunction associated with stroke, herpes zoster and vascular dementia". Senior Medical Director review 9/14/2013. Reference added. Notification given 10/1/2013. Policy effective 12/10/2013.
Laparoscopic and Percutaneous Techniques for the Myolysis of Uterine Fibroids "Notification" New policy developed. Laparoscopic and percutaneous techniques of myolysis as a treatment of uterine fibroids are considered investigational for all applications. Medical Director review. Notification given 10/1/13 for policy effective date 12/10/13.