Medical Policy Updates

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Notification of Policy Revisions Effective November 27, 2012 (Posted September 18, 2012)

Medical Policy Revision
Code Bundling Rules Not Addressed in ClaimCheck® or Correct Coding Initiative - "Notification" The following was added to the Code Bundling Rules section; "Health Risk Assessment Instrument: A health risk assessment instrument (99420) is not reimbursed separately. It is considered incidental to the associated evaluation and management services. 99420 should not be used for developmental screening or testing. See policy entitled, Developmental Delay Screening and Testing Guidelines". "Real-time Intra-fraction Target Tracking: Radiation therapy techniques requiring use of real-time intra-fraction target tracking (0197T) will be considered incidental to radiation treatment. Payment for new technology is based on the procedure rendered rather than the "technology" involved in the procedure. Separate reimbursement is not allowed for real-time intra-fraction target tracking." Notification given 9/18/12. Policy Effective date 11/27/12.