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BCBSNC Summer Provider Conferences – 2007

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) hosted Summer Provider Conferences across the State in the month of August. We hope that you were available to attend and found the new conference format enjoyable and informative. If however, you were unable to attend – we're sorry that we missed you. In either case, we appreciate you're visiting us on the Web today and invite you to please view the conference presentations from our 2007 provider focused sessions.

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Please note that the information contained in the below presentations was developed and current for the August 2007 conferences

General Session 

View this presentation to find information about news and issues affecting providers who work with BCBSNC. If it's happening at BCBSNC, we'll tell you about it in this presentation.

Blues 101 

Whether you're a seasoned professional at billing BCBSNC claims, arranging care for your patients with BCBSNC health care benefits or you're just starting out, Blues 101 is for you. The Blues 101 presentation offers a comprehensive overview of BCBSNC.

Simplifying Data Exchange – From Paper to Electronic Communications (Covisint ProviderLink) 

How do you exchange administrative and clinical information outside your organization? In this presentation, learn about quick time-to-value solutions that help you communicate with BCBSNC and other providers.

Blue eSM Demonstration 

View this presentation and learn about transactions available on the redesigned Blue e. See the new eligibility enhancements, CMS-1500, UB-04 claims entry, NPI registration, Notification/Explanation of Payment remittance detail and plans for future enhancements.

Future of Health Care Information Technology 

BCBSNC continues to develop a vision for the end state of health information exchange. In this presentation you will learn about forthcoming regulatory changes and emerging HIPAA transactions, anticipated impacts of ICD-10 implementation and the potential for innovations like Personal Health Records and smart cards, designed to revolutionize the way communication is shared between BCBSNC, our members and our providers.

Inter-Plan Programs (BlueCard®) 

In the Fall 2006 edition of the Blue Link provider newsletter, we reported that the BlueCard Department underwent a name change to become the Inter-Plan Programs Department. The name change was intended to better explain the department's role within BCBSNC. View this presentation to learn more about the Inter-Plan Programs Department's expanded role at BCBSNC and what's new with the BlueCard program.

The North Carolina State Health Plan (SHP) Comprehensive Major Medical (CMM) Plan 

View this presentation for an overview of best business practices to help you better care for your patients enrolled in the SHP CMM plan.

The Federal Employee Program (FEP) 

View this presentation for a review of the FEP and best business practices in caring for FEP members.

Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO National Health Plans of North Carolina Inc. (Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO) 

If you're not already familiar with Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO Medicare Advantage products, you may want to find out what Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO has to offer. Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO Medicare Advantage products offer a choice of HMO and PPO health benefit plans to the eligible Medicare community. Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO has expanded within North Carolina and Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO' plans are in more counties than ever before. If you're already seeing patients with a Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO' health plan, this presentation will provide you with the necessary updates to manage this product more effectively.