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2010/2011 Flu vaccine information

For the 2010/2011 flu season, the following vaccinations will be available. A separate H1N1 vaccine is not planned for 2010 unless there is "resurgence of the 2009 H1N1 disease before the seasonal flu vaccine is available.":

Fluzone (regular) - this is the combo vaccine with 2 strains of influenza + H1N1 called "trivalent vaccine" - codes:

  • CPT codes 90655-90658 depending on age and if it's preservative free or not

Fluzone High Dose code (persons over age 65):

  • CPT code 90662

Administration codes for influenza vaccine:

  • Administration codes for influenza vaccine:
  • Codes 90465-90468 pertain to children less than 8 yrs;
  • Codes 90471-90474 are for 8 yrs and older.
  • If the member also has Medicare coverage, providers should use administration code G0008 because Medicare requires this administration code for influenza.

This flu season, the Fluzone (flu) vaccines will not be state-supplied for all people; therefore you should not bill a zero ($0.00) charge for the administration of the Fluzone (flu) vaccine

The only state-supplied Fluzone (flu) vaccine available is for children who are eligible for the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. More details regarding the state-supplied vaccines can be found on the Immunize NC website at Immunize North Carolina Immunizing pharmacy services are limited to persons ages 18 and older only; therefore, the immunizing pharmacists would not be billing for state-supplied vaccines as they are only for children under the age of 18.