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SHP Announces New Maternity Incentives Program

The State Health Plan (SHP) strives for healthy members, especially newborns. To ensure our pregnant members have the support they need for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, the Plan has developed a new maternity incentive program. We're asking for your help to spread the word.

Through NC HealthSmart Stork Rewards, your patients can be the recipients of hundreds of dollars in delivery room savings.

The Stork Rewards program is open to pregnant members or spouses (dependent children are not eligible) who are pregnant on or after October 1, 2011. To qualify, members must call a maternity coach at NC HealthSmart for an initial assessment during their first trimester and complete one action item, as determined by a coach, for each trimester following enrollment in the program.

Qualifying participants will have their inpatient hospital co-payment waived at the time of delivery:

  • $233 for members enrolled in the 80/20 Standard plan
  • $291 for those enrolled in the 70/30 Basic plan

Members that are already pregnant are eligible to participate by calling a maternity coach to enroll in the program. Members who become pregnant after October 1, 2011 must enroll during their first trimester. Members who already participate in maternity coaching through NC HealthSmart are automatically enrolled in the program.

Participants will also receive a book to guide them through pregnancy and newborn care. They can also tap into numerous maternity resources available on their Personal Health Portal, accessed through the State Health Plan's website at

Help your patients get the support and savings they deserve. Encourage them to call a NC HealthSmart maternity coach at 1-800-817-7044 to get enrolled today!

*Members eligible for NC HealthSmart Services are members whose primary health coverage is through the State Health Plan. Federal law prohibits the State Health Plan from using your personal health information to discriminate against you in any way or from giving this information to your employing agency/school or other unauthorized third party, unless required by law. Dependent children of members are not eligible. Members already pregnant qualify for the incentive.