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State of Disaster Declared for Randolph and Davidson Counties

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) is extending premium payment deadlines and making it easier for our members to get prescription drugs in Randolph and Davidson Counties, which were recently affected by tornadoes. Gov. Perdue issued a disaster declaration for these two counties, which is in effect from November 19, 2011, through December 18, 2011.

During the designated period, members living in or displaced from the impacted areas will be able to get an early prescription refill or replace a lost or destroyed prescription, by making a request at any participating pharmacy. Also, members and employers located within or displaced from these impacted counties will get an additional 30 days (the grace period that already applies) to pay their premiums.

Also, members, groups, and providers in the disaster area who so identify themselves via self-identification will receive a 30-day extension in meeting any contractual or state legal obligation that becomes due during the disaster period. This applies to underwritten, ASO, and State Health Plan members (Does not apply to the Federal Employee Program or Medicare Parts C or D.).

In addition, as required by state statute, BCBSNC will provide a month extension for other deadlines or requirements that would fall during the first 30 days following the disaster declaration date. Those include requirements related to:

  • Submission of claims
  • Filing of appeals of denied claims
  • Requests for authorization of medical services or appeals
  • Additions of newborn and adopted children to a medical policy

If a member should have any questions, please direct them to the BCBSNC Customer Service phone number listed on the back of their ID card.