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BCBSNC Summer Provider Conferences – 2008

This year, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) celebrated 75 years of supporting the good health of North Carolinians, a celebration that could not have happened without North Carolina’s health care providers. During the months of May and June, we invited you to come help us celebrate our shared journey along the path to improved health and lives for North Carolinians, as we hosted Provider Conferences across the State. We hope you were available to attend and that you found the conference format enjoyable and informative. If however, you were unable to attend – we're sorry we missed you. In either case, we appreciate you're visiting us on the Web today and invite you to please view the conference presentations from our 2008 provider focused sessions.

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Please note that the information contained in the below presentations was developed and current for the May-June 2008 conferences.

General Session 

View this presentation to find information about news and issues affecting providers who work with BCBSNC. If it's happening at BCBSNC, we'll tell you about it in this presentation.

Blues Today 

Whether you're a seasoned professional at billing BCBSNC claims, arranging care for your patients with BCBSNC health care benefits or you're just starting out, Blues Today is for you. The Blues Today presentation offers a comprehensive overview of BCBSNC, including new initiatives and methods to improve claims response time and save administrative costs for your health care business.

Be Powerful with RealMed®1 

RealMed is the single right tool to directly connect providers and payors; on eligibility, claim submission, error correction, and admittance advice transactions in the health care revenue cycle. View this presentation to see how RealMed’s application can be used in powerful ways to help your practice.

Blue eSM Demonstration 

View this presentation and learn how Blue e has been redesigned to meet your needs and provide you with improved services. Whether you only utilize a few of the transactions available on Blue e and want to learn more about transactions unfamiliar to you – or – you are a Blue e expert looking for a refresher course, this presentation is for you.

Inter-Plan Programs (BlueCard®) 

In 1994, 61 after our beginning, the BlueCard® Program was introduced to allow Blues’ members, traveling or living in another BCBS Plan’s service area, the ability to receive the same health care benefits and services that they would with their home BCBS Plan. Today BlueCard® is part of the larger Inter-Plan Programs, which includes BlueCard® and other national accounts. View this presentation to learn more about arranging care and providing services to more than 825,000 BlueCard® members residing within North Carolina.

The North Carolina State Health Plan SmartChoiceSM PPO 

SmartChoiceSM PPO for North Carolina State Health Plan members is expanding! Effective July 1, 2008 the State of North Carolina’s Indemnity Plan members will join the majority of State members already enrolled in one of three preferred provider organizations (PPO) plan options offered by the State of North Carolina for its members and retirees- available now as SmartChoiceSM PPO. View this presentation to learn the latest news affecting State PPO Plan members and the providers that care for them.

The Federal Employee Program (FEP) 

View this presentation for an overview of updates and best practices to help you better care for your patients enrolled in the Federal Employee Program.

Blue Medicare HMOSM and Blue Medicare PPOSM 

Blue Medicare HMOSM and Blue Medicare PPOSM are the names for our Blue Medicare HMO and Blue Medicare PPO health care benefit plans. If you're not already familiar with Blue Medicare HMOSM and Blue Medicare PPOSM products, this presentation will allow you to find out the basics that health care providers need to know when seeing patients enrolled in these plans. Blue Medicare HMOSM and Blue Medicare PPOSM are expanding within North Carolina and these plans are in more counties than ever before. If you're already seeing patients, this presentation will provide you with the necessary updates to manage this product more effectively.

Decision Maker

The environment of the health care industry is changing as we speak, and together we must foresee and confront new challenges with expertise and cost efficiency. This presentation is designed specifically for practice managers to view BCBSNC educational programs, problem solving and current business trends affecting the health care business you manage.

Decision Maker: Morning Session Decision Maker: Afternoon Session

 View our lunch presentation and find out 
 about community involvement at BCBSNC 

Download brochures and order forms for improving your patient’s health

If you had an opportunity to attend one of the 2008 Provider Conferences, we hope that you heard about materials available through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s, Member Health PartnershipsSM Programs. Below are forms and brochures available for improving your patient’s health.

Colonoscopy Benefit Flyer 

Provider ToolKits Order Form 

Guidelines for Quitline Calls 

Tobacco Cessation Quitlines Referral Form 

Get Started On Your Plan to Better Health 

Network Management – What we do 

Thomas Compliance