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Blue e Medicaid Eligibility Modifications to Change after August 14

Due to a change in regulations from CMS, BCBSNC will no longer retain Medicaid records in-house after August 14, 2005. Only EDS, the contractor for the Division of Medical Assistance (DMA), will retain Medicaid records. This CMS regulation change has required some modification to the Medicaid Eligibility Inquiry on Blue e.

In order to continue making Medicaid Eligibility Inquiries available to our providers, BCBSNC will transmit Blue e Medicaid inquiries directly to EDS using standard HIPAA batch eligibility transactions. Likewise, responses from EDS will be received by BCBSNC and displayed on Blue e for the provider that submitted the inquiry. As a consequence, responses to inquiries may take longer to receive. EDS may return responses in as little as 30 seconds or as long as two hours.

For more details about modifications to the Medicaid Eligibility transaction on Blue e, see the Blue e Home Page “Help”, and download the Medicaid Eligibility Job Aid, available after July 16, 2005.