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Corrected Claims - always include all charges submitted on the original claim form

When filing a corrected claim, submit all services and charges to be considered for payment. If only one charge is resubmitted, it will appear that you intend to remove all previously processed charges and a refund will be requested for previously paid amounts.

If you are removing a charge there is no need to submit a zero charge line. Simply indicate that a charge is being removed by not including it with the corrected claim submission.

CMS-1500 filers:

Just a reminder that 837 Professional claims can be corrected electronically. Find out more by clicking on the link below:

Important News - Correct Your Professional (837P) Claims Electronically

UB-04 filers:

Claims filed on the UB-04 require that the bill type (form locator four) be adjusted to indicate a corrected or adjusted billing.

Claims that have been mailed back:

Remember that if a claim is mailed back to you, it is no longer in our claims processing systems. When re-filing for the services, the claim is considered a new claim and not a corrected claim.