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Updated Federal Employee Program (FEP) Voucher Deduction Process

Federal Employee Program (FEP) Voucher Deduction Process

Effective November 1, 2006, the Federal Employee Program (FEP) began a new process for handling provider voucher deductions. In an effort to improve efficiencies within the Federal Employee Program Administration the new process will help streamline the refund process for overpayments. The changes are as follow:

  • Prior to November 1, 2006, FEP Operations sent three written notifications to providers requesting repayment.
  • After November 1, 2006, providers will receive an initial refund request letter within thirty days. A second refund request letter will be sent once 15 days has elapsed. The voucher deduction process will begin after the second letter has been sent and FEP has not received a refund.

In an effort to simplify this change, the new notification process will mirror the existing process currently utilized by other business lines within BCBSNC, whereas a refund request is sent requesting payment. If after 45 days payment is not received, the FEP will deduct the amount owed from a future payment to you.