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More Improvements to Our Automated Phone System!

Based on feedback from providers like you, more changes to our automated phone system (also known as the VRU) are being introduced this fall. Here's what you have to look forward to:

Menu Options Moved Up Front
One of the biggest changes you'll see is that we'll capture your reason for calling right up front. If you have a question about authorizations and prior approvals or Blue e, you'll be routed immediately instead of being prompted for patient information. If you have a question about benefits and eligibility or claims, you'll still be asked for patient information, but you'll no longer need to decide up front how many patients you want to enter information for. Instead, you can choose to enter additional patient information as you go.

Prompting for National Provider Identifier (NPI)
You'll also be asked to enter your National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, which providers are beginning to register and use with payers. Entering your NPI instead of your BCBSNC Provider Number allows us to identify you more quickly and easily. And since the NPI is all numeric, you can enter this number using your telephone keypad if you prefer. But don't worry if you don't yet have an NPI - until the final migration date for full NPI usage, you'll still be able to use your Tax ID or BCBSNC provider number.

Automated Benefits   Eligibility Summaries
All callers requesting benefits and eligibility information will automatically receive an eligibility summary. You'll know right away whether or not the patient's policy is active and whether or not a pre-existing waiting period is in effect (and if there is one in effect, what day it will end). If you like, you can also request an automated benefits summary which will tell you the patient's co-pay, coinsurance and deductible, and how much of the deductible and coinsurance maximums have been met. You'll be able to inquire about as many patients as you like within the VRU, but will still be able to reach a representative if you have additional questions (during regular business hours). As an added bonus, this self-service capability will be available to you nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week!