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Changes to your BCBSNC Explanation of Payment (EOP)

We recently changed the format and wording for one of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Explanation of Payments (EOPs). The main changes affect the Summary Page of the EOP, where claim subtotals, totals and interest are displayed. We are simplifying our process and we now have one format for all providers, regardless of whether or not you receive a HIPAA 835 or not. If you do not currently receive a HIPAA 835, your EOP has not changed. If you currently receive a HIPAA–835, your EOP should now look like the example below.

If you are having trouble understanding these changes or reading your new EOP, please contact our Provider Blue Line at 1-800-214-4844 or your local Network Management office.

Current Explanation of Payment (EOP)

Current EOP

New Explanation of Payment (EOP)