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Reminder: Reporting Units of Service in Claim Field 24G

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) we are committed to processing claims in a consistent and accurate manner. To support this ongoing effort, BCBSNC has enhanced our claims processing logic to ensure claims are processed with the appropriate number of "Units" submitted in the "Units of Service" claim field. As a result, we would like to remind our network of health care professionals that the number of Units reported on the claim form is based on the description of the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code.

Below are some basic guidelines to assist when completing claim field 24G on the CMS-1500 claim form:

  • Enter units in block 24G. This item is most commonly used for multiple visits, removal of lesions, units of supplies, anesthesia units, quantity of injection(s), PT/OT evaluations, etc.
  • If only one service or procedure is performed, the number one (1) should be entered.
  • Anesthesia units should be one (1) unit equals a 1-minute increment. Do not include base units of the procedure with the time units.
  • Destruction of lesions - CPT codes 17000, 17003, and 17004 - are often incorrectly filed when reporting units of service on the claim form. CPT code 17000 should be reported with one unit of service for destruction of the first lesion; CPT code 17003 should be reported with the units equal to the number of additional lesions from 2 through 14; 17004 should be reported with one unit of service, representing 15 or more lesions and should not be used with 17000 or 17003.

Remember, prompt processing and payment of claims is contingent upon proper claim submission. Please ensure your billing staff is aware - with the system enhancements in place - BCBSNC is enforcing accurate reporting of Units of Service in claim field 24G.

Questions regarding these most recent enhancements to our claims system logic should be directed to your regional Strategic Provider Relations representative.