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BCBSNC Transitioning to New Technology Platform

This April, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) began migrating to a new technology platform in an effort to better support industry changes, such as Affordable Care Act requirements and to replace our existing claims processing system. 

This new platform will provide a technology suite for many of our customer interactions, including the sales, enrollment, customer service, claims processing, product administration, and provider experiences. It is designed to increase the efficiency in membership operations and also streamline the shopping, quoting and enrollment of prospective employer groups.  

The transition to the new technology platform will be gradual. The first customer segment enrolled on the new technology suite will be new, small employer groups consisting of 1 to 50 members. Utilizing a controlled, multi-year, phased-migration approach, we expect to have all of our commercial membership migrated onto the new technology platform by the end of 2016*. 

As the system migration is internal to BCBSNC, there will be no impact to how you submit claims. There will be no changes to the fee schedule under your provider contract with BCBSNC as a result of the system change.   

However, you will notice the following changes to BCBSNC ID numbers for those members who have migrated to the new system: 

  • The new member ID number (only for those who have migrated to the new system) will still consist of 14 positions; a three-position alpha prefix followed by numeric values.  There will no longer be a “W” in the ID number for those members who have migrated to the new system.
  • Members who have not yet migrated to the new system will continue to have a “W” in their BCBSNC ID numbers.  

Another claims processing enhancement that will result from this system migration will be that you will receive separate payments when you submit claims that indicate more than one rendering provider, which will allow your billing staff to more accurately allocate and post payments to specific providers within your practice. Please keep in mind that this will only occur for claims submitted on behalf of BCBSNC membership that has migrated to the new technology platform.

Thank you for your support during this transition. If you have any questions, please contact the Provider Blue LineSM at 1-800-214-4844.

*Beginning with November 1, 2014, effective dates, transition to the new technology platform includes medical-only plans, medical-only plans with dental, standalone dental plans, and HSA, HRA and FSA fund plans.