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Revisions to HCR Preventive Services Coding Guide

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) released the Health Care Reform Preventive Services Coding Guide to providers in June.  As new national recommendations are published, we will update the online guide accordingly. 

The October 1, 2013, revisions include: 

  • ICD-10 diagnosis codes added.   Please note that although the codes will not be effective until October 1, 2014, the revision was made now to assist providers with modifying forms and processes to reflect the extensive coding changes that will be required on all claims next year.
  • “In-network pharmacy” was removed from all over-the-counter drug coverage statements.
  • The “contraceptive methods and counseling” section was revised.  The age limitation was removed, and additional covered contraceptive products are now included.
  • The ICD-9 V codes range selection is now included in the vaccine section, along with a coding example. 

Providers can view these latest revisions by accessing the guide via Blue eSM under the “Related Links” section.