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Adjustments Will Be Applied to Overpaid Medicare Supplement Claims

Recently, we discovered a system error that caused duplicate Medicare Supplement claim payments to be issued to providers who submitted corrected claims intended to replace previously processed claims.  Typically, we just reverse and cancel out the first claim received, and reprocess the corrected claim for an additional payment or refund request.  However, when corrected Medicare Supplement claims were processed from September 2012 through April 2013, this system error prevented the reversal of payment on the original claims, which then resulted in overpayments being issued.

The problem within our claims processing system is now corrected.  We will be making adjustments to the original claims beginning May 14, again on May 21, and concluding on June 4 for any final adjustments that may be necessary.

Unfortunately, as a result of this system issue, we are unable to stop voucher deductions related to these overpayments.  We will be processing any previously received corrected claims as adjustments to those claims originally submitted by providers to be fixed.  Future Explanation of Payment statements from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina will reflect the adjustments to these Medicare Supplement claims.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this situation may have caused your practice.  Please be assured that we are working to prevent system issues like this from occurring again in the future.