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Participating hospitals and non-billable medical supplies

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) has a comprehensive audit services program, designed to meet our responsibilities around controlling health care costs, as well as ensure compliance with BCBSNC’s billing policies and procedures – such as billing for medical supplies.

A recent audit identified a high occurrence of hospital claim submissions with non-billable routine medical supplies (i.e.; cold packs, dressings, trays).  Non-billable medical supplies are considered routine supplies already included in the charge related to a procedure or service.   Routine medical supplies are not eligible for separate reimbursement and should not be independently billed to BCBSNC.    Additionally, hospitals may not bill BCBSNC members for any medical supplies when the charge is considered inclusive to a procedure or service.    

It is important to remember that participating hospitals have agreed to comply with BCBSNC billing and claims submission policies.  Should your facility need additional information regarding non-billable medical supplies, simply visit us online at where you can access our Web-based edition of the Blue BookSM – BCBSNC’s provider reference manual.  Also available online, providers may view our medical policies relating to medical supplies and code bundling rules.