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Introducing the Blue Connect Mobile App

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is launching Blue Connect Mobile – a free app that allows Blue Cross NC customers to securely connect to their health plan from a mobile device. Designed to be simple and convenient, Blue Connect Mobile helps customers get up-to-the-minute information about their health plan, helping them manage costs and make wise decisions about where and when to seek care.

With Blue Connect Mobile, members can:

  • Sign in and get instant access to their health plan information with Fingerprint/Touch ID™ Sign-In (on compatible devices).
  • Easily share their digital member ID card with doctors and family members.
  • Search, browse, and view their most recent claims information, and see the status of current claims.
  • Track benefits, deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, and spending account balances.
  • Conveniently connect to a customer service representative through click-to-call and in-app messaging.

Blue Connect Mobile is also available in Spanish, and can be found in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). It is compatible with iPhone IOS 9.3 or later, and Android 5.1 or later operating systems.

The following FAQs can also help answer some of the questions you may receive.



Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

What can members access on Blue Connect Mobile?
Members use a secure log in to access their Blue Cross NC health plan information. They can easily navigate between their digital member ID card, policy details, claims, benefits, and other information from the home page. They can also access other member resources through the web, including Find a Doctor, Find a Drug, Find a Pharmacy, and Find an Urgent Care.

Are Blue Cross NC digital ID cards replacing traditional paper cards?
No. Members will continue to receive a paper member ID card. Digital ID cards are made available as a convenience for our members.  

What is the benefit of having a digital Member ID card?
Members can present a digital member ID card to their doctor instead of the traditional paper member ID card. Members can share the digital ID card from their smartphones, or simply present it on the phone’s screen. Please note –providers can still require a paper member ID card. With a digital ID card, members can easily share their digital ID card with just a few clicks.

Any time a member’s Blue Cross NC account is updated, so is their digital ID card. This allows our members to present their doctors with the most current ID cards

Are digital ID cards available to all Blue Cross NC members?
At this time, digital ID cards are available to the following Blue Cross NC members:

  • Individual, under-65 members
  • Group plan members (currently available for most groups; all groups will have digital ID cards by October)
  • State Health Plan members
  • Medicare members

Digital ID cards are not currently available for the Federal Employee Program, out-of-state members, and some Delhaize members.

How does the Blue Connect Mobile App help providers?
Health care providers can benefit from members having the app because:

  • Blue Cross NC patients have access to their current member ID cards through the mobile app
  • Accurate patient information helps to avoid claim processing delays.
  • If you’re using paper records, an emailed version of the card can easily be printed

How does the Blue Connect Mobile App help my patients?

  • Patients with digital member ID cards can more easily locate and present cards to their providers With just a few clicks, your patients can easily share their digital member ID card with you
  • Patients’ digital member ID cards are updated any time their Blue Cross NC accounts are updated