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Online and Print Resources Available to Help You Improve HEDIS Quality Measures

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) has helpful HEDIS-related provider tools online that provide you with details about each measure, including how you should correctly code claims in order to get the maximum credit for the work you do and improve your HEDIS quality scores.  

Just go to the Provider home page at and select the “Standards and Requirements” to access the “Resources” section, where you’ll find the “HEDIS Provider Tools and Patient Education Materials.”  You can also enter the keyword “Toolkits” in the search field of the provider portal to get to this HEDIS information. 

Once you’re there, choose “Improving HEDIS Scores,” which will give you a drop-down list of the HEDIS measures and corresponding resource tools.  You will be able to review the details about these specific HEDIS measures, as well as access information about how to code claims correctly in order to receive the appropriate HEDIS credit for the services in question.  Our goal is to make the information available that you need to better understand the HEDIS measures, so you can get the HEDIS credit you deserve for the care you provide to our members. 

For your added convenience, we’ve recently added an option to “order helpful tools” online in case you would prefer to have print copies mailed to you of any of the materials that are available for you to download via this site.  You can submit your requests online to BCBSNC, and we’ll be glad to fulfill your print orders free of charge.