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Sign Up for the Convenience of Electronic Funds Transfers

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) offers participating providers the convenience of free electronic fund transfers (EFT) for claim payments from BCBSNC.  Sign up today via Blue eSM to have claim payments sent directly to your designated bank account.

BCBSNC makes daily electronic fund transfers in addition to generating paper checks within one to two business days of the check payment run. With EFT, you’ll have access to funds much sooner than if you have to wait for paper checks and deposit them first. Here’s when you can anticipate receiving reimbursement from BCBSNC:

  • Tuesdays: Group, individual, State Health Plan, and Medicare Advantage business
  • Wednesdays: ASO (self-insured) employer group and Medicare Supplement business
  • Fridays: ASO (self-insured) employer group business
  • Mondays Through Fridays: Inter-Plan Program Host and Federal Employee Program business

As we shared with you in May, BCBSNC will begin transitioning to a new technology platform. Using a controlled, multi-year, phased-migration approach, we expect to have all of our commercial membership migrated to this new platform by the end of 2016. Payments processed on the new platform will be processed on Wednesdays.

Sign Up Today for Electronic Funds Transfer

Just log into Blue e and complete the enrollment form to sign up for BCBSNC’s EFT service. If you do not have access to Blue e, you can access an enrollment form via the "Forms and Documentation" section of our provider Web portal.  Signing up for EFT means less paperwork, lower administrative costs (i.e., preparing deposits, trips to the bank), and makes it easier for your office to quickly receive and access payments for your BCBSNC claim submissions. EFT payments are sent through an automated clearinghouse to the bank account of your designation, and they typically take up to two days to post, which is much faster than a conventional check cycle.  

We recommend that you select a primary contact and back-up who are both trusted with secure financial information on behalf of your practice to be responsible for performing EFT administration via Blue e. Only designated EFT users have the ability to view or modify the EFT transaction on your Blue e home page.

If your practice opens or acquires any new subsidiaries, please review the payment information for each new location. BCBSNC offers EFT and Blue e services free of charge, and setup can be completed within five business days from receipt of your enrollment form. Please check with your financial institution to see if any processing fees may apply.

Attention PPO Providers

Participating PPO providers can expect to see the following differences between what they see today on Blue e and what they will see after signing up for BCBSNC’s EFT service:

  • Accessibility to claim and payment information will continue via Blue e with EFT payments reflecting a “7” or “9” in front of the check number.
  • Electronic remittances (835) will show the payment type indicator as either “CHK” for check or “ACH” for electronic payment.
  • As with all other lines of business, you can access copies of original Explanation of Payments via Blue e’s “Remittance Inquiry” option.

If you have any questions about the EFT process, please contact BCBSNC’s Financial Processing department at (919) 765-2293.