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Changes to Blue e CMS1500 Claims Transaction This Weekend

As of March 29, 2014, the Blue eSM CMS-1500 claims transaction will reflect changes in response to the National Uniform Claims Committee’s (NUCC) changes to the CMS-1500 paper claim form. 

Visit the “Resources” section on Blue e for more details regarding the actual form changes, and take action as needed to inform and educate your billing and office staff.  There will be new edits as you key in the claim on Blue e, new qualifiers, taxonomy code at the rendering provider level, and changes such as the corrected claim indicator being moved.

Some changes will require that you revise erred CMS-1500 claims in the current error listing prior to Saturday, March 29.  Please note that the CMS-1500 claim entry transaction will not be available on Blue e on March 29, so that we can make the necessary system changes to accommodate the new CMS-1500 paper form.