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Submitting a Request to AIM for CT Abdomen and Pelvis Combination

We want to remind providers about the new CPT codes that were created in 2013 to represent the combination service of pelvic and abdominal computed tomography angiography (CTA).

In order to ensure that the correct, combination CTA service codes are included on authorizations approved by American Imaging Management (AIM), ordering providers should refer to the AIM tip sheet when selecting the "Exam Description" in the AIM portal when they initiate the request rather than separately ordering a CTA of the pelvis and abdomen.  If one of the exams is "added-on" to an existing authorization for either a pelvic or abdominal CTA within the 72-hour window after the initial service is requested, the combination codes will also be sent to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina for claims processing purposes.