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Dental Providers

Dental Blue® News

Get the latest news for dental providers in the BCBSNC network.

Dental Blue Book eManual

View or download our online guide to policies and procedures for dental providers.

Apply for Enrollment and Credentialing

Get guidelines and instructions for applying for credentialing as a dental provider.

Dental Provider Services

Contact our dental team to report changes to your practice or for questions about BCBSNC dental contracts, policies and procedures.


Visit BCBSNC Dental to enter dental claims, create personalized fee schedules and more.

BCBSNC Dental Products and Network Overview

Learn more about BCBSNC's dental products and dental network.

ACA Impacts on Dentistry

View a dental presentation about the Affordable Care Act and its impact on dentistry.

The pediatric dental essential health benefit requires coverage for medically necessary orthodontia.