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Credentialing Instructions

BCBSNC Special Instructions for Pharmacist

Dear Health Care Provider:

This application is the "Uniform Application to Participate as a Health Care Practitioner", developed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 58-3-230.

The following instructions will help you to avoid delays associated with an incomplete application. Please review this material carefully before attempting to complete the Uniform Application. Fill in all required information completely and attach all required documents before submitting your application.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) will notify you of an incomplete application within 15 days of its receipt requesting the information to complete your application. Your incomplete application will be closed 60 days from receipt if the requested information is not received. Upon completion of the credentialing process, you will be presented to the Credentialing Committee for approval or denial. If denied you will be notified by certified mail. If approved you will be notified by BCBSNC's Network Management informing you of your effective date to see BCBSNC managed care members.

ALL APPLICANTS: Please note all fields must be COMPLETED or indicate NOT APPLICABLE (NA)

  • Provide education/practice history from beginning of your education in your field of expertise up to your current practice location (must include months/years and account for any gaps greater than 3 months). Note this information may be submitted on your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and reference sections B 1-5 of the application as "see attached CV".
  • Provide the following documents on page three of the Uniform Application:
    1. Copy of CV to include all work history after graduation from appropriate school (CV must account for any gaps of 90 days or more).
    2. Copy of North Carolina Board of Pharmacy License
    3. Proof of current CPR certification issued by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association or equivalent
    4. Immunization Certificate of Achievement
    5. Certificate of Insurance of at least $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate
      Copy of the face sheet of your current professional liability insurance policy, indicating by name, provider(s) covered, coverage amounts, effective date, expiration date, and policy number.
    6. Copy of current physician's written protocol, standing medical order, or other order of protocol.
  • The original, unaltered Attestation Statement containing the provider's original signature and date must be submitted with your application.