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Small Business Health Plans (5 - 50 Employees)

Fill out the form to get a health insurance plan quote for your small business. One of our licensed insurance agents will contact you to go over plan options and help you find the right one.

If your business has less than 4 employees, shop our Individual Health Plans to get the most savings.

Are your Headquarters in NC?
Please call BCBSNC at 888-868-5594 to speak to an authorized representative.
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  1. Small Employer is defined as any individual actively engaged in business that, on at least fifty percent (50%) of its working days during the preceding calendar quarter, employed no more than 50 eligible employees, the majority of whom are employed within the State of North Carolina, and is not formed primarily for purposes of buying health insurance and in which a bona fide employer/employee relationship exists.
  2. Small Employer must have a physical location in North Carolina and have an authorized representative to execute the contract in North Carolina. Businesses must have been operating for at least 30 days to obtain coverage.
  3. HRAs are available to groups with 2-50 members.
  4. A sole proprietor is eligible for group coverage if there is at least one common law employee (non-family member) employed.