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Funding Options (100+ Businesses)

Choose between self-funded and fully insured coverage.

Both Funding Options Include:

  • Flexible plan and network options that help you save
  • Our fully integrated Healthy OutcomesSM1 health management solution including case management, condition care, wellness and maternity programs to improve member health for long-term health care savings
  • Coverage in all 100 counties in North Carolina1
  • Numerous pharmacy management options, including mandatory mail order and generic programs designed to decrease pharmacy costs

Fully Insured

Choose fully insured and BCBSNC insures and underwrites your health plan in addition to providing full administrative services.

Fully insured coverage offers:

  • A simple monthly premium for businesses looking for predictable and stable health care costs
  • Peace of mind, ease and convenience - We handle the details
  • Health benefits without claims cost risks


Our self-funded option offers control and flexibility in plan design for large businesses (More than 100 employees) as well as access to provider discounts. Self-funded arrangements (sometimes referred to as ASOs) allow the business to fund their own health benefits and claims while BCBSNC provides all or a portion of administrative services.

Self-funded coverage offers:

  • Stop loss insurance to limit potential claims losses
  • Access to provider discounts
  • Choice of service providers
  • Flexibility in plan design (100-249 employees, standard plans)
  • More control over cash flow

1. Consortium Health Plans, Inc., MarketQuest Network Compare, April 2013.

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