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Blue Options

About Blue Options1

Blue Options gives you our largest network of doctors and hospitals and access to a variety of wellness services, preventive care and the Blue ExtrasSM value-added discount progams. Imagine - more choices, with the security of a large network. That's Blue Options.

With this Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, you can receive care in and out-of-network. But, if you visit an out-of-network provider, you're responsible for more of the cost of service and some benefits may not be available to you. The Blue Options PPO also gives you the security of knowing you can receive in-network care, no matter where you are.

Huge Networks
Some of the best doctors and hospitals in the state are at your fingertips - take advantage of it! Our networks are large, your copayments are low. Best of all, your in-network doctor handles all administrative details and files your claims. No messy paperwork. What could be easier?

Remember, if you do see an out-of-network provider, you'll be responsible for more of the cost of service. Plus, you may need to file your own claims and get plan approval.

Preventive Care Coverage
Preventive care is vital to your health and safety. That's why we've made sure that you're covered for routine physical exams, well-baby and well-child visits, immunizations, gynecological exams and Pap smears, as well as breast and prostate cancer screenings. With Blue Options, you have the power to keep yourself healthy!

Prescription Drug Coverage
If your plan includes prescription coverage, you have access to a large network of pharmacies. Use them and you're only responsible for a small payment or coinsurance amount. Don't forget that your prescription prices are even lower when you choose generic drugs. To see if there is a lower cost alternative to your prescription, check out our convenient, online Rx Drug Search!

NCQACoverage that Protects Your Consumer Rights
Blue Options has been given an excellent accreditation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), an independent health care authority. So, you know you're receiving quality coverage that you can count on.