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Blue Options 123

Employer objectives The Blue Options 1-2-3 solution
Buy down benefits while still offering copayments for highly-used services The plan offers copayments and rich coinsurance for primary and preventive care.1
Expect these types of services to account for nearly half of employees' care.2
Save money without the level of cost-sharing required by a high-deductible health plan Employees are still covered with copayments and coinsurance, but the differential between benefit levels drives shopping where appropriate. Less overall exposure to out-of-pocket expenses feels, to employees, more like a traditional PPO.
Engage employees without a health fund Blue Options 1-2-3 drives behavior modification through the differential between benefit levels, not by a fund design. Different levels of cost sharing incent shopping for the most cost-efficient solution when possible.
Lower health care costs This plan can deliver up to 21% in premium savings, when compared to our most popular PPO plan.3

Five benefit levels that impact price and employee engagement

Blue Options 1-2-3 puts employers in control. Plan design can be adjusted to most effectively impact:

  • Premium
  • The difference between benefit levels
  • The degree of employee engagement

The benefits listed above are for in-network services. Out-of-network benefits will differ.

NOTE: Coinsurance represents member responsibility.