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Blue Medicare PPO

Blue Medicare PPO is a Medicare Advantage plan that offers health care benefits and prescription coverage - all in one plan! You can choose from several plans for your retirees that include quality coverage drug benefits.

With Blue Medicare PPO, it's simple for members to utilize their health benefits. There's virtually no paperwork, no deductibles and no hassles. So managing their health care benefits and prescription drug coverage is simple.

Blue Medicare PPO gives members more enhanced coverage than Medicare alone. We will administer their Original Medicare benefits for them, unlike a Medicare supplemental plan where the plan and Original Medicare remain separate.

Here's how it works

How it works
  • Blue Medicare PPO is offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSN). BCBSNC is a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract to provide HMO and PPO plans. Plans are administered by BCBSNC. With other types of plans, your health care plan and your Original Medicare benefits are separate. Blue Medicare HMO plans are different. Blue Medicare PPO manages your Original Medicare benefits, offers you enhanced medical benefits and Medicare prescription drug coverage - all in one plan.
  • Medicare makes a monthly payment to BCBSNC for each member. The plan uses this payment to pay claims for services provided through contracted primary care physicians, specialists and hospitals to members.
  • BCBSNC will manage members' original Medicare benefits and with most plans, can provide medical benefits and Medicare prescription drug coverage - all in one plan. There is virtually no paperwork!