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Blue Medicare HMO

Blue Medicare HMO is a Medicare Advantage plan that may include health care benefits and prescription coverage in one plan, depending on the plan employers select. Blue Medicare HMO is offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Blue Medicare HMO is administered by BCBSNC.

With Blue Medicare HMO, beneficiaries get…

  • Management of Original Medicare benefits at no additional cost
  • Enhanced medical benefits beyond Original Medicare
  • Included Medicare prescription drug coverage

Plan highlights

  • Plans with low monthly premiums
  • Low copayments for doctor office visits
  • Benefits that are at least as good as Original Medicare, and some benefits that are richer than Original Medicare, including:
    • Medicare prescription drug coverage
    • Inpatient / outpatient coverage
    • Skilled nursing facility coverage
    • Home health care coverage
    • Worldwide emergency medical coverage
    • Ambulance coverage
    • Urgent care coverage
    • Preventive care

And much more!