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Flu and Pneumonia Shots

Getting an annual flu shot is a simple step to protecting your health. You can get a flu shot at doctor offices, local health departments, participating (in-network) walk-in clinics or from immunizing pharmacists. The seasonal influenza (flu) vaccine provides protection against multiple strains of the flu viruses, including H1N1. Check with your doctor to determine the best time to schedule your flu shot.

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Have You Had Your Pneumonia Shots? Yes, There Are Two.

Pneumonia is a serious medical condition which, in many cases, can be prevented. Bacterial pneumonia is caused by a number of different pneumococcal bacteria. Your Blue Medicare Advantage plan covers the two shots that will help protect you from bacterial pneumonia.

You are encouraged to receive your vaccinations at your primary care provider’s office where a record of the vaccines that you received and the dates they were administered will be on file along with your other health information.

You will not be administered both injections during the same visit. At least eleven months must pass between the first and second pneumonia vaccination. The second shot should be a different vaccine from the first one. One vaccine helps prevent 23 types of bacterial pneumonia. The other helps prevent 13 other types of bacterial pneumonia. It does not matter which vaccine is given first.

As part of your Blue Medicare Advantage preventive services, all members are eligible to receive both pneumonia vaccines with no copayment or coinsurance as long as at least eleven months have passed between the first and second vaccination.

If you have other services performed when you go in for your pneumonia shot, you may be charged a copayment or coinsurance for those services. If the pneumonia vaccine is administered by a provider who does not participate with Blue Medicare Advantage, you may have to pay out of pocket and request reimbursement from your Blue Medicare Advantage plan.

Important Legal Information and Disclaimers

The information on this page is current as of 10/1/2017.

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