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Your Plan Comparison

How much will you spend on health care in a year? Use this tool to generate an estimate and better plan for your yearly expenses.

If your employer offers multiple plan options, use this tool to help determine which plan is most appropriate for you. Which deductible, premium and copayment/coinsurance amounts will provide the coverage you need and be the most cost effective? These choices can be confusing. This tool makes it simple.

In three easy steps, Your Plan Comparison will estimate the number of times you'll visit the doctor, how many prescriptions you'll fill, and the total cost for care you'll receive in a year, which is compared against the benefits of a specific plan to generate an estimate of your total annual out-of-pocket expenses under that plan. Generate results for up to four plans and compare them side-by-side.

  • Estimate your total annual health care costs
  • Compare the out-of-pockets costs of different plans
  • Use your results to help determine the plan that's best for you

Your Plan Comparison