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Stick It To The Flu®

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) wants to help you keep your employees healthy during flu season. The best ways to prevent the seasonal flu and complications caused by the flu are to get a seasonal flu shot each year and promote good health habits, including frequent hand washing.

Eligible BCBSNC members1 with preventive care benefits can get a seasonal flu shot during flu season, while vaccine supplies last, at any of the locations listed below. A copayment, deductible or coinsurance may apply.2

  • Worksite clinic – Employers with more than 50 employees can host their own on-site flu shot clinic, at no cost to the member. Each clinic requires at least 25 participants or the employer will be charged $25 for each participant below the 25 participant minimum. Employers may also host their own small health clinics during open enrollment. In addition, each employer has the option of allowing family members of eligible employees to participate.
    Learn more about hosting your own clinic.
  • Physician's office – Some members may pay an office copayment, depending on their specific benefits. Members who receive other services in addition to the flu shot will be required to pay any applicable copayment, coinsurance or deductible amounts.
  • Participating pharmacists (NOT pharmacies, except participating CVS MinuteClinics) - Eligible members may go to an in-network, immunizing pharmacist (NOT pharmacy) or CVS MinuteClinic to receive a flu shot. A limited number of North Carolina pharmacists have contracted with BCBSNC to administer the flu shot. Only eligible members ages 14 and older may receive flu vaccinations from pharmacists. Some members may pay a copayment, deductible or coinsurance, depending on their specific benefits. To find in-network pharmacists, visit Find a doctor and search for "Pharmacist (Flu & Other Limited Injections)" under Convenience Care in the Advanced Search Secdtion. To find a participating CVS MinuteClinic, select "Convenience Care Center" under Advanced Search.

Worksite Seasonal Flu Shot Clinics: Available to Groups with 51 or More Employees
If your employer group has more than 50 employees, BCBSNC may be able to help you host a worksite flu shot clinic.

Hosting a worksite seasonal flu shot clinic is an easy and convenient way to ensure your employees get vaccinated. BCBSNC contracts with Maxim Healthcare Services to provide flu shots at eligible worksites. For more information, contact your BCBSNC representative.

Below are resources to help you promote an onsite flu shot clinic:

If your employer group has more than 50 employees, BCBSNC may be able to help you host a worksite flu shot clinic. Request a Flu Shot Clinic today.

Post this hand washing sign in bathrooms and break rooms. Promoting frequent hand washing can help prevent the flu, as well as the spread of other germs, such as those that cause the common cold.

1 Seasonal flu shots are available for eligible members and covered at 100 percent for those members with a non-grandfathered plan. Members in self-funded plans should check with their plan administrator to determine if the vaccine and FluMist are covered benefits and, if covered, where they can receive the benefit at the lowest cost.

2 Each seasonal flu clinic has been allocated a supply of vaccine. Shots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis until the supply is depleted. A parent or legal guardian must accompany children ages 4-17 and provide written authorization (children under 4 should see their physician). The flu shots will be administered by representatives of Maxim Health Systems, a division of Maxim Healthcare Services. Members should refer to their benefit booklet for more information about their preventive care benefits. In the event that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that flu shots go to "priority groups" before the general public, Maxim will give priority to those who fit the CDC's high-risk criteria.