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Emergency Disaster Preparedness

When a disaster is proclaimed by the N.C. governor, BCBSNC provides flexibility for our customers located in the disaster area. This includes deferral of premium payments for 30 days and deferral of other actions that fall due during the disaster period, including submission of claims, filing of appeals and submission of information requested by BCBSNC.

If you are in a disaster area and need this flexibility, please contact our Customer Service Department.

When the N.C. governor or president declares a major disaster, we will work with local media and others to publicize our customers' options and flexibility.

In the event of large-scale disasters such as hurricanes, BCBSNC may waive other requirements for customers in the disaster area, depending on the severity of the disaster and its impact.

Customers are defined as subscribers of individual products and as underwritten groups with billing addresses in the disaster area.

When the Department of Insurance notifies us of a state of disaster or emergency, BCBSNC will make it easier for members with prescription drug benefits who live in the designated geographic area to obtain refills of a current prescription. At a member's request, and within 29 days of the notification, BCBSNC will waive time restrictions on early refill of prescriptions. Members may obtain one replacement prescription for a recently filled prescription that was lost or destroyed or one refill if additional refills remain on the prescription.