Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has joined EyeMed Vision Care to offer an enhanced approach to vision coverage. Explore a wide range of benefit options and gain access to a large, national network.

  • Access to one of the nation's largest vision care networks
  • 55 possible benefit combinations - sure to fit your existing health and dental plan
  • Low premiums and copayments
  • No employer required contribution
  • Online administration for you and your employees
Blue 20/20 is about choices. Design your plan.
Step 1

Choose funding arrangement:

  • Voluntary
  • Sponsored
Step 2

Select a plan:

  • Large Group (>50 employees):
    • Blue 20/20 Exam PlusSM
    • Blue 20/20 Lens and Frame OnlySM
  • Small Groups (<50 employees):
    • Blue 20/20 Lens and Frame Only
Blue 20/20 offers national, expanded vision provider choices

Blue 20/20 utilizes EyeMed's Access Network with 70,000 providers and 24,800 locations nationwide. In addition to private practitioners, the network includes retail providers: LensCrafters®, Pearle Vision®, Sears Optical®, Target Optical® and JCPenney Optical®.

Search for providers in your area. Select the "Access" network to begin your search.

Blue 20/20 reinforces your company health plan

Regular eye exams do more than measure eyesight. Exams may also help identify early signs of serious vision problems and other health conditions such as: 1

  • Diabetes
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Hypertension
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol

By detecting many conditions before they require costly and invasive treatment, vision care saves costs for you and your employees while adding value to your overall benefit offering.

Blue 20/20 offers a clear advantage for you - and your employees
  • Even the slightest vision problem can reduce an employee's productivity and effectiveness. That can affect your bottom line.2
  • Employees who are very satisfied with their benefits are more likely to feel loyal to their company.3
Blue 20/20 offers valuable member discounts

In addition to the benefits listed in the plan, members visiting in-network providers can take advantage of discounts on items such as laser vision correction surgery. Contact your BCBSNC representative for details.

1 American Optometric Association. (Accessed December 2014).

2 "Worker Productivity and Computer Vision Syndrome." Gary Heiting, OD, May 2014. (Accessed November 2014).

3 "Insights from MetLife's 12th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study." MetLife, 2014.

Already a Blue 20/20 Member and Need Help?


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For help logging in or if you prefer to speak to someone, call our Blue 20/20 customer care line at 855-400-3641.

Customer service agents are available:

  • Monday - Saturday -- 7:30 a.m. - 11 p.m.
  • Sunday -- 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Limitations and Exclusions

This is a partial list of services that are not covered by Blue 20/20. Refer to the member booklet for a full list of exclusions.

  • Lost or broken lenses, frames, glasses or contact lenses
  • Non-prescription lenses, contact lenses or sunglasses
  • Two pairs of glasses in place of bifocals
  • Medical and/or surgical treatment of the eye, eyes or supporting structures
  • Vision training, orthoptic services, aniseikonic lenses, subnormal vision aids or any associated supplemental testing
  • Services required by any governmental agency or program, or as a result of any workers' compensation law or similar legislation
  • Any eye or vision examination or corrective eyewear ordered by a member's employer, including safety eyewear
  • Services or materials provided by any other group benefit plan providing vision care
  • Services rendered after the last date of coverage, unless materials are ordered before the end of coverage and services are rendered within 31 days of the order
  • Benefit allowances provide no remaining balance for future use within the same benefit frequency