Group Health Plans for Your Small Business

  • Choice of multiple networks from large to local

  • Health and wellness programs for your employees

  • Preferred Provider Organization plans to Point-of-Service plans

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Benefits of Buying a Blue Cross NC Plan

Here's what you get with a Blue Cross NC health plan:

Voted one of the world's most ethical companies1

Plans with coverage statewide, across the country and around the world2

100% preventive care coverage3

Health and wellness programs like our free 24/7 nurse health support line

Online tools to find doctors and compare health care costs

All fully insured health plans are ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant.

How to Choose a Health Plan

When you're selecting health insurance plans, there are five main things to think about:

Plan Type & Network

The larger the network, the more doctors and drugstores there are in that network. Larger networks tend to have fewer limits when you need to find a doctor or prescription drugs. But, it also means the health plan may cost more.

Keep in mind that even though we offer out-of-network coverage too, you'll save the most money when you see a doctor or visit a pharmacy in your plan's network.

If you have a doctor you'd like to keep seeing, you can use our Find a Doctor search tool to be sure your doctor is in that network. You can also look up the cost of a medication with our Find a Drug tool.

Traditional PPO
Largest Network

network map for Blue Options

Find a Doctor Find a Drug

High Deductible Plan + HSA
Largest Network

network map for Blue Options HSA

Find a Doctor Find a Drug

Tiered PPO w/ Two Levels of
In-Network Benefits
Largest Network

network map for Blue Select

Find a Doctor Find a Drug

Limited Network

network map for Blue Value

Find a Doctor Find a Drug

Local Network

network map for Blue Local with Carolina HealthCare System - Charlotte area available January 1, 2016

Find a Doctor Find a Drug

Multiple Options

Hi-Lo Plans4

Give your employees the ability to choose between four plans for the benefits that best suit their needs. All you have to do is establish your core plan and choose a second, richer plan from our many options for those employees who need or want more benefits.

  • Fixed contribution - Set your fixed dollar amount or fixed percentage for the low or core option. Employees who want the higher option, or richer benefit plan can choose to buy up to that plan. Your cost stays the same.

  • Customize your coverage - We know business needs change. With Hi-Lo plans, you can choose between four plan options. You'll also be able to adjust your plan choices year-to-year without changing insurers.


Take more control of your health care budget with a fund-based health plan. Our HRA offers several funding options (first dollar, last dollar, shared bridge and modified bridge). You can also pro-rate contributions for employees who join mid-plan—all without any additional premium cost.


  • You can have more control over premium costs as your employees become most cost-conscious
  • You can reinvest unspent funds in your company
  • You can offer health care benefits even with a high employee turnover rate

Dental Plans

Dental Blue® coverage can be added to a health plan or used as a stand-alone offering.

Combining Dental Blue with your group medical insurance plan you also get:

  • One source of simplified administration
  • One point of contact
  • One bill providing one place to update eligibility and employee changes
  • Consolidated dental information about your employees so case managers can evaluate overall health
  • Access to dentists in all 50 states through our national network

Dental Care Resource Center

The American Dental Association (ADA) has the tools you need to get a healthy smile. Visit the ADA's website to read helpful articles, find tips for good dental health, check for symptoms or get answers to common questions.

Use our Find a Dentist tool to find a Blue Cross NC in-network dentist near you.

Note: Not all ADA Member Dentists are part of Blue Cross NC's dental network.

American Dental Association

Health & Wellness

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Our exclusive site for members offers:

  • Forms for claims and plan changes
  • Details about plan benefits
  • Personalized health and wellness programs
  • Exclusive online savings

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Our Preventive Care Services - pdf

Our Preventive Care Services List shows you which services and prescriptions are considered preventive and covered at 100%.

Services List (PDF)

Prime Mail Overview - pdf

Prime Mail delivers a 90-day supply of medications by mail right where you want them. No driving. No waiting.

Already getting your prescription drugs by mail? You'll need to shift existing mail order prescriptions to a Blue Cross NC Pharmacy Benefits Manager to keep receiving them.

Prime Overview (PDF)

Learn more about Health Line Blue

Health Line Blue connects you to a trained nurse, 24/7, to get your health questions answered.

Health Line Blue

Our Wellness Programs - pdf

Wellness Programs give basic, low-cost options to help you improve your health.

Some of the benefits include: online health assessment tools, preventive care, support with health challenges, and one-on-one health coaching.6

Wellness Programs (PDF)

Learn more about Blue365

Blue365 has great deals on fitness gear, personal care, gym memberships, family activities, vision and hearing products.7


ACA Requirements

Based on your size selection, you may not be subject to a penalty if you choose not to offer your employees health insurance.8 But, you may be eligible for Small Business Health Care Tax credits if you have less than 25 FTEs.9

More information is available through the Health Insurance Marketplace at

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