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Monitor your insurance claims and plan information no matter where you are.

Find an Urgent Care Center

Find the closest in-network urgent care center or doctor and get estimated exam and treatment costs on your mobile device.

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Get prescription drug information and find lower-cost options.

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Compare insurance options and plans for individuals and families.

Are there any operating system requirements for downloading and using the app?
Yes. HealthNAVSM1 is compatible with iPhone® with iOS 4 or later and Android 2.2 or later operating systems. In order for the urgent care navigation feature to work you will need to have a device with GPS.
Can I search for an urgent care center if I am outside of North Carolina?

This application uses data for urgent care facilities in North Carolina. However, if you are outside of North Carolina you can still search for urgent care centers from the app by tapping the link to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. That link will appear when you are outside of North Carolina by using your device's GPS system.

Once at the association's link, BCBSNC members will be directed to enter the first three letters of their ID number on the back of the member ID card. From there tap "Find Providers" and then select "Urgent Care." Guests can find the same information by choosing a plan type and then selecting "Find Providers" and "Urgent Care."

Will urgent care search results update automatically if I move to another location while the search feature is open?

No. Like many mobile apps you will need to refresh your GPS-based search if you change your physical location.

Is the search result information current?

The result data is updated weekly. The last updated time will be displayed on your mobile device screen when you conduct a search. Update times may vary. Contact the provider to be sure they are in-network.

Does the urgent care search also include hospitals?

This application searches for urgent care centers, not emergency departments. In an emergency, please call 911. Some hospitals have urgent care centers as well as emergency departments. What qualifies as an emergency?

Urgent Care

Services provided for a condition that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly and requires prompt diagnosis or treatment such that in the absence of immediate care a person could reasonably be expected to suffer chronic illness, prolonged impairment, or the need for more hazardous treatment.

Emergency Care

Services rendered immediately after the sudden and unexpected onset of a condition that requires medical or surgical care such that in the absence of care the member could reasonably be expected to suffer serious physical impairment or death.

What are treatment cost estimates in the Find a Doctor tool?

Treatment cost estimates provide information about the relative cost of many common elective medical procedures. They can give you a ballpark range of what a procedure may cost, as well as provide you with information about how the cost may vary based on the physician/hospital you choose. You can also see an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs based on your current health plan benefits.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has joined other Blue Plans across the country to provide you this new cost-range information, which is based on claims data from in-network providers.

This information is intended to be used as a reference tool for your convenience and is not a substitute for medical advice from or treatment by a health care professional. Estimates are not a guarantee of payment or prior approval for a particular service.

Also, estimates are not intended to be an exact calculation of potential claim payment. They do not contain all health benefit plan terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions that may apply to your coverage. You should not avoid getting medical care or make health care decisions based on the cost estimates displayed on this website. Only you and your doctor can decide which medical decision or treatment is best for you.

How are estimated treatment costs determined?

The costs listed represent a range of the average treatment costs at a particular facility. This tool calculates costs using the National Customer Cost Tool (NCCT) methodology, which consists of two components:

  • Procedures and Diagnostic Tests - There are several steps involved in generating costs of a procedure at a particular facility. First, we collect claims data and categorize the information into categories. A category may be combined across multiple claims from different providers, such as doctors' charges, hospital charges, lab tests, etc., related to a particular procedure. Second, the cases are reviewed to remove any exceptions that may skew the averages. Third, cost ranges are created for each procedure based on these averages.
  • Office Visit - Each office visit is assigned a code to specifically identify the procedure/service provided. Costs are assigned to each procedure code along with a standard rate, which is based on the ZIP code of the where the service will take place. This cost value is displayed within the tool.
Why is there such a wide variation in treatment cost for some procedures?

Doctor and hospital rates may vary based on differences in selected treatment plans as well as your individual needs. This information is intended to be used only as a reference tool for your convenience and for discussions with your doctor.

The out-of-pocket costs reflect the estimated amount that you could pay for the selected treatment or procedure based on your health plan benefits.

Are all services related to a treatment included in the costs?

The estimated treatment costs represent a collection of services such as doctors' charges, hospital charges and lab tests related to a particular procedure or service. The costs generally include all services related to a treatment or procedure. However, depending on the treatment plan in question, some follow-up care may not be included.

Is the treatment cost price I see the price I will be paying?

No. The actual price you pay is dependent on your doctor's selected treatment plan, which should be based on your individual health care needs. Your cost will be subject to your benefits and other plan requirements in effect at the time the claim is processed. To see the estimated amount that you could pay, look at the far-right column for "Out-of-Pocket" cost results. Click the cost-range numbers to see a detailed page showing your specific plan information.

I'm searching for a prescription drug. What is a drug tier?

A tier is the level of member copayment or coinsurance for a prescription under a drug benefit plan.

  • Tier 1 are generic drugs with the lowest copayment or coinsurance
  • Tier 2 are preferred brands with the second lowest copayment or coinsurance
  • Tier 3 are non-preferred brands with the second highest copayment or coinsurance
  • Tier 4 are specialty drugs with the highest copayment or coinsurance
What does "average cost" in the drug results screen refer to?

The cost listed next to each medication represents the average cost for a typical prescription, based on recent three-month utilization data from BCBSNC prescription claims

The average drug cost takes into account all strengths and dosage forms of a particular drug, and average quantities dispensed. Actual costs may vary according to drug strength, dosage form, and quantity indicated on your prescription. This cost is the average cost before your benefit is applied, and may not reflect what you pay at the pharmacy.

Please refer to your ID card or member benefit booklet for your specific drug benefits. This information is intended as a guide to help physicians and members select cost-effective medications. Drug cost information is not a guarantee of price. Drug prices change throughout the year.

Drug cost information on our Web site is updated quarterly with the most recent three-month period of prescription claims. Your pharmacist is also a source of pricing information.

I need help with the app. Who do I call?

Call our mobile support team at 1-888-705-7050.

I have feedback or suggestions to make this app better. Can I submit it?

Yes. Simply e-mail us at web.site@bcbsnc.com. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions.