Employee Wellness Programs for Groups

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Let our experts tailor a wellness plan to suit your needs.

Building a culture of health takes time and planning. Let Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) do the heavy lifting for you instead! We offer a suite of customizable, turnkey programs to support your organization’s wellness goals.

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“We became involved with Blue Cross and saw that the program… it opened the door and increased the possibilities that we could develop a culture of wellness here.”

Larry Wooten, President Farm Bureau

Put Our Talents to Work for You

Blue Cross NC has experienced professionals and unique insights to help you create a targeted wellness strategy that strengthens the culture of your organization.

We know what works. Our wellness programs are designed to engage and motivate employees- resulting in better health and higher productivity. You can easily mix-and-match from our product categories to achieve your goals. And, a Health Promotion Specialist is available to guide you through best practices and recommend programs that may help you achieve your goals.

Employer Resources:

360 Wellness Roadmap

Hit the ground running with an operating plan that’s tailored to fit your organization’s wants and needs, while fostering a vibrant culture of wellness.

Workplace Wellness Assessment

When you know what your employees are looking for in a wellness program, you can nurture a culture and develop wellness challenges that meet (and exceed) their expectations.


It's hard to find the time and resources needed to run effective health and wellness programs. That's why Blue Cross NC created WellPack — a structured, 12- month worksite wellness program that's ready to roll.

Webinar Series

We host a webinar series focusing on hot topics in the industry and discuss health and wellness questions that matter to group administrators.


The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) is one of the most trusted experts in workplace wellness. We have joined forces with them to help you earn a Well Workplace Award.


After completing your WELCOA checklist, WellPlan helps you work through benchmark-focused goals prior to applying for a WELCOA Well Workplace Award.

Employer Newsletters

Information and tips on how to incorporate wellness into your workplace and plan for upcoming health observances delivered directly to your inbox every month.

Lifestyle Support:

Choose to Lose Challenge

Stimulate behavior change and empower employees to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

Ready Set Race

Motivate your workforce to get moving and encourage camaraderie by offering a run or run/walk program. Opt for the 5K, 10K or 13.1 program! Among past participants, 94 percent increased their activity level, and 94 percent planned to maintain it.3

Resilience Training

Help your employees acquire skills to thrive in their environment and intentionally recover from challenges. Available in 1-, 4- and 8-hour sessions.

Functional Movement Screening

Offer much-needed relief to employees dealing with musculoskeletal issues — one of the leading drivers of health claims.

Health, Wellness and Fitness Workshops

Arm your workforce with knowledge and tools that are easy to digest and add into daily life.

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