BCBSNC continues to foster a healthy culture where employees are encouraged to be healthy and active. During the 5 Ton Challenge, employees were asked to lose a collective 10,000 pounds and they exceeded expectations. In 2012, they lost 11,000 pounds. BCBSNC is proud of everyone who made the 5 Ton Challenge a success and hopes the results will encourage all North Carolinians to improve their health. BCBSNC is looking to lose another five tons this year. For inspiration in your own weight loss journey, follow our progress.

Check out this infographic to get the full picture.

In addition to feeling better physically, those who took our challenge felt better about themselves. The benefits of better health are clear. For example, reducing the statewide average body mass index by 5% could generate billions in savings.1

As part of the Challenge, 25 Weight Warriors agreed to share their inspirational stories. Here's what some of the Weight Warriors had to say about the Challenge's positive impact:

With the help of a positive attitude, Adrianne lost 21.6% of her body weight. "If you can lose weight, you can do anything."
Watch Adrianne share part of her journey.

Even though she is busy balancing work and a family, Donna lost 26.3% of her body weight. In reflecting on her health, she sums up the goal for the entire challenge: "I am ready for a permanent change."
Watch Donna share part of her journey.

Terry saw the 5 Ton Challenge as motivation to embrace a healthy lifestyle. His recent marriage and the possibility of a family in the future only added to his enthusiasm: "I'm excited to change my life."
Watch Terry share part of his journey.

Heidi started the 5 Ton Challenge with a clear goal: "I hope to be as fabulous on the outside as I know I can be." Heidi's results were fabulous indeed. She lost 18.3% of her body weight.
Watch Heidi share part of her journey.

Jessika recalls the story that pushed her to take up the 5 Ton Challenge. "One day my daughter said, 'Mommy you're so beautiful.' And I thought, 'Well if you think that about me, why don't I think that about me?'" After losing 21.9% of her body weight, Jessika is seeing things differently.
Watch Jessika share part of her journey.

When Tanisha started the 5 Ton Challenge, she said, "I just want to feel proud of myself." We're certainly proud of her. She lost 26.4% of her body weight.
Watch Tanisha share part of her journey.

BCBSNC is proud of all those who took the 5 Ton Challenge. As individuals and as a company, the results showed that an innovative approach to wellness and the support of the community can make a real and lasting difference in our overall wellness. If you would like to learn more about replicating this program, contact your BCBSNC rep.

1 "Bending the Obesity Cost Curve in North Carolina," Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Trust for America's Health, September, 2012.